Effective Employment Screening

According to statistics, 27% of organizations experience major turmoil like workplace fraud and violence as well as theft by an employee with clandestine criminal record. Further, approximately $9 a day is spent by employers on each employee due to fraud and abuse.Companies and institutions are conscious of this blatant truth. Nonetheless, the problem lies on the choice of an employment screening service. They have the faintest idea of what an effective employment screening is.In today’s aggressive market for human capital and complexities in the society, companies and institutions need effective employment screening to create a competitive working environment as well as high quality human resource.Effective employment screening has four aims. First is to show due diligence in hiring. It means that the employer took necessary steps in order to ascertain that an applicant is suitable and competent for the job. Thus, the former can be protected from the allegation of “negligent hiring.” The second aim is to have factual or true up to the minutest detail information about the applicant. Another aim is to discourage those applicants who have something to hide. These people are usually guilty of a serious criminal offense and have been convicted. Lastly, it encourages an applicant to be honest in all the phases of employment not only during applications and interviews.Effective screening makes it possible for companies to achieve an excellent workforce. With it, embezzlement, false information, harassment and future misrepresentations are avoided. It is a critical-risk management tool that shuns hiring problem employees. This will eventually lead to a progressive business endeavor that meets the specific needs of the business more so with the clients.An effective employment screening is more than just examining criminal records but an efficient tool to check the background, credit reports, potentials and everything that is connected to employment. This is definitely the solution to yield safe hiring.

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